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Dr. Guru, I Am Mad. Where Are You?

August 7, 2009

Thursday, I only have one thing on my mind, one thought circling my brain like a  hungry wolf.  I want to go under Dr. Guru’s scalpel, I need for him to get rid of my nasty, ugly tumor. Now. Not a word from Dr. Guru’s office.  Not a word about the MRI results.  Not a […]

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Hypochondria Galore

August 6, 2009

No MRI results. No pathology report on the calcification in my left breast. No surgery date  – yet – to remove the cancerous hazelnut in my right breast. Five weeks have passed since I received my diagnosis. Five weeks since I was told I may have lived with breast cancer for a whole decade. And […]

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Dr. Guru’s Game Plan

July 7, 2009

Dr. Guru’s game plan is simple enough, provided there are no complications revealed by further tests and procedures. Lumpectomy followed by radiation, followed by five years on Tamoxifen. (I don’t argue with him about  Tamoxifen. I don’t bring up  Astra Zeneca’s conflict as a maker of both cancer drugs and potent carcinogens. ) Dr. Guru […]

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Finally – First Meeting with the Surgical Oncologist

July 5, 2009

Finally, I meet with Dr. Guru, my surgeon oncologist, after a two week wait. It seems like ten light years. The waiting room is enormous, empty except for an elderly couple. I notice that they do not carry an over-sized,  brown x-ray envelope, like I do. The staff in the reception  is slow and overweight, […]

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Breast “Care” Center to the Rescue

June 29, 2009

Lucy Q from the Breast Care Center calls one week after their radiologist informed me that I have breast cancer. “How are you sweetie?” She sounds young and perky. “Sorry I did not call you earlier, I have been on vacation.” She pauses and I expect her to tell me about her vacation. “How are […]

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Breast Cancer is NEVER an Emergency!

June 20, 2009

Just before his office closes, I get an appointment for two weeks later with Dr. Guru, an oncology surgeon. “First available? Are you sure?” “Yes, that is the earliest. We want your x-rays from the Breast Care Center brought over here well before that, and we want your biopsy results faxed over right away. Then […]

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