The Ten Second Post-Op Consultation

by Maggan

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Monday morning, 7 AM as usual, I am back at work after my Friday lumpectomy. I feel a bit listless, like walking in chewing gum. My brain is gauzy, but I have no pain.  The week-end has been one long folk fest filled with visitors and forced relaxation.

The worst  now is not being able to wear a bra. It makes me feel bovine and clumsy. I  feel guilty for thinking this way. I should be glad I still have a breast, albeit one that is dyed green, bruised, and swollen.

The paperwork I got when I was discharged instructs me to see Dr. Guru at 1:15 pm. I leave my office right after an early lunch and head to the University Medical Center.

At Dr. Guru’s office, a nurse removes the bandages. Underneath, the bruises and the blue stain look much worse than I had imagined. But the incision on my breast is practically healed,  reduced to an angry red streak.  Only a corner of the small scar is oozing a bit.

Dr. Guru’s run-by post op takes less than ten seconds. He glances at the breast and the incision under my arm, as if  in passing, before brusquely telling his nurse to bandage me up again.

“Yes, you can exercise now, but not upper body. No swim for a week. Pathology can take ten days.“

Dr. Guru is gone.

What’s next?

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