Stepping Up My Level of Care: But How?

by Maggan

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No Pathology report .  It seems that I am off Dr. Guru’s radar screen.

Who cares? Not me! I am upbeat and sure of myself, thanks to the book “What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Breast Cancer.”  I have been devouring it the past couple of days while waiting for the pathology results.

Tamoxifen — pouf — out the window  for sure.  I, for one, do not plan to  poison my body just to enrich Astra Zeneca’s corporate pockets. Now I question even the wisdom of radiation. Is that really going to be necessary?

I feel better than ever. Better even than before the  Breast “Care” Center called to tell me that they “regretted that the biopsy results were not what they had hoped.”

I grouse, around family and friends, that the service level at the University Medical Clinic is worse than  at a two star hotel. My insouciance is totally based on the assumption that no news is good news.

Instead of margins and oncogenes, I focus  on  a trip that my husband and I will take to visit old friends. The question is when? I am on the phone with our friends to figure this out.

“But what about your radiation schedule,” asks my friend M. “When can you get away?”

“Radiation,” I scoff. “Not even scheduled yet. Terrible service. No communication what so ever.” I am all bravado on the phone, but my friend M, a cancer researcher and biologist, is not amused.

“You have to take your care into your own hands,” he says. “Nobody else will do it for you.”

His words stick.

Of course. Who could care more about me than me?

Right then and there, I decide to step up my level of “care.” But how? Not only don’t I have the pathology report from my July 14th lumpectomy.  ( I do  not  even have the first pathology report from the Breast “Care” Center .)

It is as if my pathology report has nothing to do with me. Everyone can read it, but me.

I have no idea if I have the oncogene. I have no idea what my margins are. I have no idea if I need chemo, after all. Or when it would start. I do not even have an oncologist!  How  can I take charge of my care when I don’t even know what my breast cancer care is supposed to be?

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