Seven Sick Reasons Not to Check Your Breasts

by Maggan

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iStock_000006424577XSmallI. Nobody in my family has breast cancer.

But: Eighty percent of  post-menopausal breast cancer patients do not have a family history.

II. I need to wait until my son’s wedding, my husbands 50th birthday, our 20th anniversary trip/my daughter’s high school graduation/until after my high school reunion.

But: What could have a higher importance than your health?

III. I need to loose twenty pounds. Hate to weigh myself at the doctor’s office.

But:  Mammogram centers don’t weigh you. Be sure you have a digital mammogram. Follow up with your doctor to get the result.  A recent study shows that seven percent of all significant findings don’t get communicated to the patient. No news may not always mean good news. Also, since most cancer does not show on a regular screening mammogram, insist on a diagnostic mammogram if you still have concerns.

IV. Work is crazy busy right now.

But: Won’t get much work done if you end up in hospice.

V. Lumps are usually cysts so no hurry to go now.

But: You cannot tell from the outside. Still check out:

VI. I don’t believe in breast cancer because I have a healthy life style.

But: You will be surprised how many skinny women with healthy life styles end up with breast cancer.

VII. I just had a cancerous mole removed and was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma. I cannot have two cancers at once.

But: some types of cancers puts you at higher risk for a second cancer.

Check your breasts. The life you save may be your own.

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