Breast Cancer is NEVER an Emergency!

by Maggan

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Just before his office closes, I get an appointment for two weeks later with Dr. Guru, an oncology surgeon.

“First available? Are you sure?”

“Yes, that is the earliest. We want your x-rays from the Breast Care Center brought over here well before that, and we want your biopsy results faxed over right away. Then we need the actual glass slides sent over by courier.

She doesn’t say how I will find a courier who can be trusted with original glass slides. Is there a medical courier service? A movie scene flashes through my mind: a helicopter lands on the hospital roof, a transplant team hitting the ground running with a cooler between them. Clearly that’s not how glass slides are delivered.

“Don’t you have an earlier appointment?” I whine “Two weeks is a very long time to wait.”

“Breast cancer is never an emergency, Mrs. V.  A few weeks makes no difference. You will be fine,” says Dr. Guru’s assistant.

“You have had it for years,” I tell myself, echoing the radiologist. But a two week wait seems like an eternity. (And of course I choose to ignore that I myself have waited months to schedule a mammogram after I felt the lump.)

I check Dr. Guru’s CV on the internet. He appears to be accomplished: educated and trained at top institutions, he teaches at the medical school, does research and has published numerous articles. He serves on boards. He and his wife have founded a cancer camp for kids. His specialty seems to be breast reconstruction, as well as melanoma.  Perhaps my lump will be a coffee break procedure for him. Something he would have time to do between the important – scarier – procedures. The thought is oddly comforting.

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