Breast “Care” Center to the Rescue

by Maggan

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Lucy Q from the Breast Care Center calls one week after their radiologist informed me that I have breast cancer.

“How are you sweetie?” She sounds young and perky. “Sorry I did not call you earlier, I have been on vacation.” She pauses and I expect her to tell me about her vacation.

“How are you doing?”

“Fine I guess.”

“Just wanted to see what is happening.” Her choice of words was those of a college girl checking on Friday afternoon with a girlfriend. “Any frat parties to attend? ”

“Have you picked a surgeon?”

“I have.  At the Medical School.”

“Oh no, not the Medical School, we don’t want to loose you!” Maybe realizing her unfortunate choice of words, she quickly adds: “Oh, it is very good place, but we would like to keep you here at our breast-care center.”

She launches into her marketing spiel (reading from the teleprompter?) Largest breast-care center in the Southeast, etc.

“Please reconsider,” she pleads.  “We have two excellent surgeons with wide-open schedules that would be the best for you. We want what was best for you. “

They have an open surgery schedule with two expensive surgeons twiddling their thumbs. I imagine it would also be advantageous for them, should I choose to come there.

“My plates are already at the Medical School.”

“No problem. I can work miracles and get them back. Just call me in the morning and we will set it up.  We have two surgeons I want you to see: Dr. L. and Dr. R. , both with wide-open schedules.”

Her tone, her perkiness, her sale’s pitch leaves me feeling empty. But I write down her phone number.

“Call me in the morning.” She promises to put a “care package” in the very next day. “Look at everything carefully.”

Susie Q. sounds like of a kindergarten teacher with her cheerful tone and her simple instructions.

I never call her back.

The care package arrives ten days later and turns out to be quite informative and useful. A friend with a surgeon husband tells me Dr. R. actually has a good reputation, but he is a general surgeon, not specialized in breast surgery and reconstruction.

When you look for a surgeon you want someone who has, if possible, done hundreds of the kind of procedure you are about to have.

Anyway, I have formed a mental block against the Breast Care Center. It took them ten years to discover my cancer. I have no plans to ever return there — not even for a mammogram. Especially not for a mammogram.

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