All Other Edges Free of Carcinoma. Meaning?

by Maggan

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Three weeks after after my lumpectomy, and after some prodding and probing,  my pathology report arrives in the mail. I polish my bifocals. — the better to see you my dear —  and sink down in my favorite reading chair.

On page one, I immediately zero in on these worrisome phrases:

“All other surgical resection edges free of carcinoma”, “cribriform pattern with associated comedo type necrosis”, and “perineural invasion is identified” (slide 3H.)

Cells with cribriform pattern are considered less aggressive. Comedo type cells, on the other hand, are nasty little fellows. They are associated with the most aggressive form of cancers. Comedo-type necrosis, along with  tumor size, nuclear grade, and margin width are all important predictors of the probability of  recurrence.

Necrosis is Greek for death. Comedo type necrosis happens when the cells proliferate so fast they kind of choke on themselves and die. But other type of cells like cribriform, papillary and solid may  also suffer necrosis to a varying degree.

I realize I need to ask Dr. Guru what “my necrosis” means. Guessing is both a scary and an inaccurate activity.  I am a bit annoyed that he did not ask me to make an appointment and offer to explain everything.

Perineural invasion means that cancer cells and nerves are entangled. Do nerves provide the path of least resistance when cancer cells escape the breast, like veins and lymph nodes? I need to defer to Dr. Guru on this one as well.

Before I can compose an e-mail with questions for him, my mind is set on fire by the following:

-tumor less than 1 .0 mm from lateral resection edge

all other surgical resection edges are free of carcinoma.

Now I am not an English major. English is, in fact, my second language. But “all other edges free of carcinoma” sounds to me as if ONE edge is NOT free of cancer.  Or do I need to take my TOEFL test again?

What happened to my “wide” margins?

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