A Joke From the Breast “Care” Center?

by Maggan

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“As part of a regular ongoing effort to provide quality patient care,” reads the letter from the Breast “Care” Center. “We encourage annual follow up care.” It then goes on to say that they would greatly appreciate receiving information concerning my health status since last treated there.


This is the Breast Care Center where I had  mammograms for ten years without ever receiving a bi-rad score, and where they could no detect a hazel nut sized, slow growing, tumor from one year to the next. I was the one who discovered my tumor when it  was T1C-almost Stage 2.

This is the Breast Care Center where the radiologist, as she measured my ominous lump on the computer screen during my biopsy, said: Oh, we saw that last year. But we did not know what it was.  How about finding out? Is that not what radiologists are supposed to do? Are they not supposed to investigate a lump seen on a mammogram? Is that not why women have them?

This is the Breast Care Center where I was sent me home after a biopsy with detailed instructions on how to apply an ice pack on my breast every fifteen minutes. They told me not to have vigorous activity for 24 hours. Told me, that if I had a large area of redness or fever, I were to call them  immediately. But there was not one word what I should do in the unfortunate event the biopsy was not what they had hoped. No instructions at all how I should proceed if my biopsy was positive for cancer.

This is a letter from the Breast Care Center where its own radiologists calls me at work and tells me: You have cancer. Any questions? And hangs up on me when I, too stunned to even understand what she just told me, answers: No, no questions.


This is a Breast Care Center where a major overhaul of both procedures and training of staff is needed – an overhaul of everything from how to communicate with a patient, how to read an x-ray, what to do when a radiologist sees something “she does not know what it means.” How about consulting with another doctor? How about calling the patient back for additional x-rays? How about a biopsy?

And as part of the general over haul, this Breast Care Center should consider some new magazine subscriptions.

Most women no longer crochet doilies or make many casseroles. At least no one I know.

I will write them back and let them know my status: I will never set foot there, ever, again. The letter came with a stamped return enevelope.

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